Sheena and Lashaune are the parents of a five-year-old girl who was just days away from starting kindergarten at Mt. Erie Christian Academy in San Diego, where she had attended preschool and summer school, when her moms were informed that their little girl would not be allowed to enroll in the fall. The reason? The five-year-old is the child of a same-sex couple and, as an administrator at Mt. Erie explained to ABC affiliate KGTV, the school’s position is that, “The Bible says homosexuality is a sin. We don’t condone any sinful lifestyles.”​

Mt. Erie, it should be noted, has a non-discrimination policy in place. As Cosmopolitan reports, the student handbook states that “all people are valuable in God’s eyes, regardless of physical, social, economic, ethnic, or other factors.” That said, the school does not welcome LGBT students and families and states in the handbook that it reserves the right to “refuse admission … or discontinue enrollment.”

The little girl’s mothers are horrified that the school would turn its back on their daughter with such backwards reasoning.

“If we knew from the beginning that this was unacceptable, they didn’t condone or believe in this, if it was such a big deal, we would have never started her off there,” Sheena told KGTV. “I would never put my child’s emotional wellbeing in an unstable setting like that.”

Sheena, a stay-at-home mom, and her wife Lashaune, currently away on Navy deployment, are not backing down without a fight. They are currently looking for an attorney to help them file a civil rights lawsuit against Mr. Erie.

“I want my baby to be safe when she grows up,” Sheena told KGTV. I don’t want her to ever have to be discriminated against because of her lifestyle. That’s not fair.”

Meanwhile Sheena and Lashaune’s daughter waits to be placed in another school. While waiting to be accepted into a new kindergarten, the little girl told KGTV “I miss my friends, I miss my teachers.” In the same interview, she told the two outlets “I love my two moms.”

We love her two moms too, and we are so glad they are fighting for their daughter, their family, and what is right. We sincerely hope that justice is served and that a victory for the family would go towards opening minds and transforming policies for the more tolerant and inclusive.



(Image via ABC.)