Olivia Harvey
December 30, 2016 4:59 pm
Getty Images / Uwe Krejci

T-3 days until we’re in the clear. Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow, and the New Year graces us with it’s presence on Sunday. Now of course we’ll be dealing with the retroshade effects until January 8th, but hey, let’s look at the glass half full. Retrograde is OVER.

After dealing with such a tumultuous end to 2016, we need to make sure we’re starting the new year with a clear head and a lot of positive vibes. 2017 is going to be our year! Here are 5 ways to get your life in order post retrograde to welcome in the New Year.

1Invest in a weekly planner.

First thing’s first – we need to get our 2017 plans organized. It’s one thing to use a calendar app on your computer. But guys, writing stuff down can truly help you remember things better. It’s the same with taking notes (something to keep t in mind, students of the world). This isn’t just a theory either, it is proven science! So do yourself a favor and invest in a planner that can sit on your desk and help you keep track of weekly to-do’s.

We love the planners Blue Sky has to offer. Alongside their vast array of fashionable (yet practical) planners, Blue Sky also offers a personalization feature that allows you to design your own planner. Choose the size, interior layout, and cover pattern — and even decide if you wish to add a monogram to the front.

Blue Sky also lets you choose from various free add-on options, like a zip storage pocket, snap-in ruler, or sticker page! These are planners that you’re actually going to want to write plans in. Your weary Mercury retrograde/2016-plagued brain will thank you.

2Complete an easily attainable goal to set 2017 off right.

We’re talking about, “clean out the closet that’s filled with old Halloween costumes so I can finally use it for actual clothes,” easy. Choose to do something that you know you can win at, but not something so easy that you don’t feel accomplished after doing it — something like deciding to wake up 15 minutes earlier every morning will make you feel like you’re making a solid effort to better your lifestyle.

Setting and achieving an easy goal will not only make you feel awesome about yourself, but it will make it easier to set more challenging goals throughout the year. “For example: If I cleaned out the Halloween costume closet, I can clean out my real closet and donate half my unworn clothes.” Write that one down in your planner for March or April. Give yourself some time. We’ve had a rough 2016, so be kind to yourself in 2017.

3Start a journal and commit to writing in it often.

This is a simple New Year’s resolution that could potentially change your life. Writing in a journal – whether it’s a daily or weekly ritual – helps you organize your thoughts. It makes everything in your head feel validated. After coming out of a hard-hitting Mercury retrograde, you probably have a lot of thoughts rattling around up there that seem to be clogging up your mental capacity. Jot them down. Hash everything out. Make a pros/cons list. Physically putting pen to paper is extremely therapeutic.

If nothing seems to be troubling you, try writing from journal prompts. Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. from PsychCentral has compiled a list of questions that will help “maintain a dialogue with ourselves.” She adds that journaling is “part of building a healthy relationship, or rather a friendship, with yourself. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.'” You can’t deny Mrs. Roosevelt!

4Clear up any misunderstandings between friends, family, and coworkers.

Mercury retrograde affects all aspects of our communication. During the period of retrograde, you might have slightly charred a few bridges — if you didn’t completely burn them down. We strongly recommend you clear the air of anything that is putting a damper on a relationship. It’s kind of the same as not wanting to go to bed angry at your significant other – it just makes the tension last so much longer than it has to.

Always be the bigger person and apologize, even if you know you’re not to blame. Start 2017 with a clean slate and leave all negativity in 2016 where it belongs. You will feel so much better waking up on January 1st with no interpersonal tension. Headaches should be from too much champagne — not from a fight.

5Pledge to take care of yourself in 2017.

This one might be the hardest to do out of all of the above. Make 2017 the year of self-love. We always wear ourselves thin during the holiday season because we’re taking care of everyone else – which is wonderful! But sometimes we forget to take a moment to remember that we need to be healthy and happy in order to take care of others.

Perhaps pledge to set aside one night of the week as a “spa night.” Take a bubble bath, listen to some tunes, and put on a face mask. Or make an effort each week to do something special for yourself, like buy yourself a fancy coffee on Monday morning instead of your regular order. These are simple steps towards achieving a refreshed “new you” in the New Year.

When we ring in the New Year on Saturday night, take a deep gulp of that fresh positive air filled with opportunity. 2017 is going to rule, and accomplishing these small New Year’s tasks will make 2017 rule even harder.