Steph Barnes
Updated October 11, 2017
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The existence of ghosts and the paranormal has been the subject of many debates. Some people think it’s all fabricated while others are firm believers in the ghost stories most of us have heard over the years. So, what’s the truth? In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve found 5 videos of ghosts caught on tape to help you draw your own conclusions.

But before we get to that, we are curious as to where did the whole idea of ghosts even come from? Well, apparently, the concept of a ghost comes from an ancient idea that a person’s spirit exists separately from their body. And since they’re separate entities, the idea is that a person’s spirit — their ghost — may continue to exist on our physical plane after that person dies. You know, just hanging around, haunting the living, doing your various standard ghostly activities.

According to, the first ever documented ghost sighting occurred in the first century A.D., and was of an old man with a long beard, rattling chains. The great Roman author and statesman Pliny the Younger recorded this sighting in his letters, basically inventing the ghost story.

Today, instead of long, detailed letters, people are documenting their spooky ghost encounters through video, and theres will definitely leave questioning what’s real.

1Moorpark Shadow Person

In this video filmed in California back in 1989, we see what looks to the untrained eye like a giant black mass. However, according to paranormal experts, this is actually a “shadow person.” If you watch closely, you’ll see it first appear in the corner of a bedroom and then again as a reflection in a mirror.

2Prison Ghost

This prison in Brazil has been the site of many murders. One night, while the guards were making their usual rounds, they noticed something strange moving around the prison wall. Initially, they thought it was a mastermind inmate attempting to break free, but what they found was kind of terrifying. The guards recorded a strange figure climbing the wall and passing back and forth…through the concrete.

3Pantry Ghost

This one is a bit of a two-part story. About 10 years ago, a young YouTuber posted a video of his pantry door opening by itself, as if being pushed by something unseen inside. Many commented on the video, calling it fake, but one commenter was so impassioned about the validity of the video that he had to see for himself. And so, he visited the home of the pantry ghost to record his own experience.

First, we have to commend John’s commitment to the cause. He spent 10 days in someone else’s home, staring at their pantry. But back to the ghosts, it seems his determination paid off when a mysterious figure pressed its face against the glass of the pantry before pushing it open and disappearing. Yikes.

4Ghost Shopper

This engineer shop in Nottingham was built in the 1880s and since the original owner and his wife died, there have been many strange appearances. In this clip, recorded by current owner of the building, we see a shadow appear and move through racks of clothes, believed to be the ghost of the first owner’s wife.

5Ghost in the Neighborhood Cemetery

Okay, this video is creepy but also hilarious. While hanging out, two friends notice the figure of a woman walking through their neighborhood cemetery. The figure isn’t wearing shoes, and wanders aimlessly dancing around and touching tombstones — until she suddenly disappears. (But seriously, where did she go?)