Karen Fratti
Updated Oct 05, 2017 @ 10:43 am
A girl concentrates with all her strength as she levitates a jack-o'-lantern.
Credit: harpazo_hope/Getty Images

Halloween is (eh, almost) upon us, and you can already feel the excitement in the air (or costume-anxiety, depending on your personality). That’s the thing about holidays, and this one in particular: There are all different types of people you might turn into come Halloween. It’s not like it’s a choice, either. If anything, your Halloween persona can simply take over when you least expect it. One day, you’re mourning summer over a glass of rosé in the pool, and the next, you’re chest deep in a pumpkin patch wondering how you got there.

We feel you.

Holiday fever happens. And with so many sides to Halloween — the costumes, the candy, the spooky ghosts — there are so many ways you can get into the season. Here are just some of the types of people you might turn into around Halloween.

1The DIY Queen

This person knows that the best part of Halloween is the decorations…and costumes…and witch-shaped cookies complete with frosted broomsticks. As soon as October hits, this is the woman who breaks out her Pinterest bookmarks and runs to her local craft store to stock up on, well, everything.

If this is you, you make your own goblin-themed garlands, stretch fake spider webs throughout your apartment building halls, start sewing sheets into ghost costumes for your Halloween-humbug friends to throw on at the last minute, and know how to perfectly layer orange and black Jell-O shots. You are the DIY Halloween Queen.

2The Halloween Hermit

You are the person glaring at your BFF while she insists that you carve a pumpkin and join the squad costume for The Big Halloween Party. You will carefully wish that Halloween falls on a weekday so as to lessen the blow of the festivities and wait until the very last minute to throw on some heavy eyeliner and pretend it’s a costume. You do not want to bob for apples, go to haunted houses, or taste anything pumpkin related ever, though you will watch Hocus Pocus one more time. Like, really, can everyone chill with the Halloween excitement already?

3The Autumn Goddess

You don’t really dig Halloween as much as you LOVE the season. The fact that pumpkins and apple cider are also great Halloween party favors is just a bonus. Instead of going for the ghouls and ghosts, you’re organizing day trips to go pick apples and throw a bonfire party so everyone can show off their best fall sweaters. You don’t need to go trick-or-treating, but you do need a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. You and the DIY Halloween Queen are probably best friends.

4The Costume Whisperer

Why do people think figuring out their costumes is so hard? It’s almost second nature to you. Not only do you know what your own costume is going to be before summer even begins, you are the go-to person for your friends who can’t think of a costume. You can gauge the event and what they already have in their closet and come up with something worthwhile within minutes. You even know how to apply perfect skeleton face makeup.

5The Spiritual Guru

This is the time of year that your inner witch comes out. Whether you practice your craft year round or are just starting to delve into the otherworldly, Halloween season is the time you want to step up your candles, crystals, and spell game. You’re convincing your friends that a seance doesn’t have to be scary or gathering friends for a group field trip to a local medium. You can just *feel* the energy in the air.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your true Halloween or autumn-inspired self this season. While everyone has a different approach to October, they’re all necessary. Happy Halloween, or not, it’s totally up to you.