Karen Fratti
July 27, 2017 12:01 pm

Problems, for the most part, do not go away. They almost always have to be stared down and fixed. But sometimes it can actually be best t0 avoid your problems, if only for a little bit. You won’t be able to run away from all of your issues and hassles forever, but there are times in life when you just cannot deal. It’s OK to take a little break from all of the BS and focus on what’s more important to you at the moment. As long as you’re not putting anyone in danger, what’s a little procrastination?

Avoiding your problems is usually bad advice.

But if you’re jumping in to solve issues and you’re still a ball of anxiety and worry and fear — you’re not making the best decisions anyway. And maybe you’ll sell yourself short or just create even more problems. That will never do. According to a study done at the University of Toronto, people who can “cognitively disengage” from their problems for a little bit are actually more successful. There’s a reason people say you should “sleep on it.” You need to be relaxed and calm to get things done.

Here are a few times when it’s totally OK to avoid all of your problems.

1When a person is driving you insane.

You love your friends, family, and significant others. But sometimes they drain all of the energy out of you. If you’re fighting with a person but are working on a really big project at work or something, tell that human they have to wait. It will probably be better to take some time away from each other, anyway. When your problem comes in human form, take a break sometimes.

2When it’s *literally* impossible.

Sometimes, your problems just cannot be solved. Money problems are often in this category. Maybe you can’t afford a few bills or don’t have the money to replace your old computer. If you literally cannot do something, give up for a minute. Obviously, find a way to make it so the problem doesn’t happen again or you get yourself in deeper, but sometimes you just have to take the late fee and eat it.

3When you’re stuck.

If you’ve been working something out and haven’t made any progress, just stop. You will drive yourself insane trying to keep at it and it’s possible that a great solution will come to you while sip some wine and read a good magazine and just relax. Sometimes you can just end up fighting yourself and nothing will get done.

4When it’s not even a problem yet.

We get it: Everyone worries. But are you one of those people who stays up all night fretting about things that could be potential problems in the future? Like, you don’t know what you’re going to do with your life five years down the road? Or you’re worried about being single or getting some disease? Knock it off. You need to walk away from pretend problems.

5When you need to prioritize.

If your problem is affecting your work or your mental health, just try to zone out from it. You should always put your best interests first. Sometimes you need to take time from the people and the things that are bringing you down. It’s not worth dealing with a problem if you’re not ready to do it or don’t quite know how yet. Make sure you’re always number one on your to-do list. You can fix the problems later.

There’s a fine line between full on escapism and taking a break from your problems for a quick minute, so be careful. But never feel guilty about avoiding your problems for a hot minute while you do you.