With her impossible proportions, Malibu dream house, and stiletto-shaped feet, Barbie usually gets a bad rap when it comes to setting a role model for little girls. But now Barbie is taking this career networking thing seriously. That’s right, Barbie signed up for Linkedin.

It may sound ridiculous for a plastic figurine to have a Linkedin page, but it’s actually a pretty cool decision. It’s a smart move for the toy brand, and it’s also an acknowledgement that the girls playing with Barbie today will be typing up cover letters tomorrow, not just hankering after their own version of Ken. Entrepreneur Barbie’s page is full of actually good advice for girls who are on their way to moving up the career ladder. Here’s what we learned from Barbie on Linkedin:

1. Find a mentor. Barbie connected with a host of female entrepreneurs, and is sharing their stories on her page. And that’s a good idea: Finding someone in the field you’re hoping to move in and connecting with them will help navigating tricky terrain later.

2. Have a good, succinct mission statement. Barbie’s is short, sweet, and to the point: “I got my big break in 1959 to inspire girls to dream big. Since then I’ve had 150+ careers, but my true calling remains—encourage generations of girls to place no limitations on their ambitions.” It may have taken a team of marketers to write this, but let’s just pretend it was all Barbie.

3. Network. Barbie already has over 1,000 followers, and no doubt her connections will only multiply. It’s a good strategy to get to know other people in your field. You never know whose help you might need along the way—or who you can offer a helping hand to in return.

4. Have a professional-looking picture. These days, potential employers will probably Google you before they bring you aboard. Putting a composed face forward on sites like Linkedin will convince them that you’ve got good judgment. While you can’t Google Barbie without getting a bunch of swimsuit shots, at least she went with a professional headshot on Linkedin. Smart move, lady.

5. Support like-minded causes. Barbie promoted Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to encouraging women to pursue careers in engineering and technology, in her feed. It’s a smart way to show your interests, stay engaged and champion groups you believe in.

Keep up the good work, B!