Lindsay Burgess
December 11, 2016 10:39 am
Felix Russell-Saw/Unsplash

Hello from (almost) 5 feet off the ground. If you’re a fellow short gal, you’re already familiar with the myriad things only the vertically challenged understand. How it feels to be used as an arm rest, for example – or that no matter how many new grey hairs you find, or how expensive the bottle of wine, you’re always going to get ID’d. But you also know that despite the challenges, the benefits of being short make up for it all. (In fact, we can think of a lot of reasons why short people rule.) All you need is a solid set of life hacks for short people to make things a little bit easier…

Make your kitchen height-friendly

Step stools and chairs are the most obvious life hacks for short people, but they aren’t the only way to reach what you need. Try hanging pots and pans over the sink, and display your pantry items with cool bookcases instead of hiding them away in high cupboards.

Save cash on cute kids’ clothes

In hindsight, the selection of cheaper, cuter clothes was just one of our favorite things about being a kid. Browse children’s stores for awesome superhero shirts that don’t come down to your knees and petite-proportioned dresses.

Wedges > heels

We owe our high school math teacher an apology for ever doubting we’d use those lessons IRL. It’s as simple as this: when you add a tiny foot to a high heel, you create an extreme angle. Opt for wedges over heels to make walking easier on your body.

Invest in a car cushion

Remember the thrill of sitting in the driver’s seat at your first lesson? Remember the crushing humiliation when, moments later, your instructor whipped out a battered cushion? A car cushion is one of the most important life hacks for short people because in the end, it’s all a safety must.

Work out with a friend

The gym is often a terrible place to be short. Cable pulleys are set too high, there’s no reaching the pull-up bar, and some machines don’t have a low enough setting for someone your size. Find a workout buddy who can help you navigate the gym floor – and keep an eye on your posture, too!

With good problem solving instincts – and a tall friend on speed dial – there’s nothing we can’t do. Short girls forever!