Linsha Qi
Updated Aug 12, 2016 @ 1:06 am

The season of sunshine and ice cream cones isn’t over yet, and Summer 2016 is still the perfect opportunity for you to revitalize your mental health. Throughout the rest of the year, school or work can wear us out both physically and emotionally; our mental health is often swept under the rug. It’s important to make time for self-care, and you might be surprised by how much better you’ll feel, both physically and emotionally, if you invest in improving your mental health. Here are 34 self-care tips to try this summer that might make all the difference. Try out one, or two, or all 33 – up to you!


Try meditating

Do it in a yoga studio, or even on your own, with a phone app.

Challenge yourself to read more

Give yourself time to read some of a book everyday. We don’t have to be as “busy” as we claim to be.

Declutter your living space.

Do a thorough cleaning of your home. It’s hard to have a clear mind when you are overwhelmed with clutter. Get rid of material items that don’t make you feel good.

Reassess your wardrobe

Only keep the clothes that make you happy.

Start journaling

This can be as simple as writing about what happened during your day.

Imagine your life in a few years

Write a letter to your future self.

Indulge in a creative hobby

Pick up a new instrument, take cooking classes, or learn how to paint.

Eat clean

Or at least give it a try. There are lots of resources to help you start.

But still have fun

Let yourself savor a favorite snack or food.


Get rid of one bad habit

Quit smoking, stop biting your nails, stop drinking too much soda. Speaking of which…

Drink more water!

You’ll immediately notice a difference in how you feel.

Exercise more

Increase your amount of exercise gradually. Try to stay on that treadmill for just a few more minutes each week.

Go outside

Spend more time outdoors and enjoy the sun. It’s revitalizing.


Experiment with your green thumb

Take care of a new plant – a succulent, some roses, maybe a pear tree.

Take little steps toward getting things done

Set achievable goals for the day/week/month.

Keep in touch

Call up a beloved friend or family member and just talk.

Remember old friends

Connect with someone you might have lost touch with.

Let things go

Resolve a past conflict.

Do something meaningful with your time

Volunteer at an animal shelter or a food bank. Donate clothing to an organization that helps those in need.

Try aromatherapy

It has lots of benefits!

Take a bubble bath

Don’t ask — just do it. It’s luxurious.

Have a spa day

Treat yourself. Invest in a nice, relaxing massage.

Have a picnic with your friends

Food, conversation, the outdoors — it’s perfect!

Go wild

Enjoy a night out with friends.

Be a homebody

Enjoy a night in, maybe alone.

Finally watch the things on your Netflix queue

Put on a show or movie you’ve always wanted to watch. You finally have the time to do it.

Get out of the car

Walk more, drive less.

Explore your surroundings

Find a new favorite coffee shop or restaurant or library.

Let yourself relax

Breathe. Being busy doesn’t always mean being happy.


Stop staring at screens before bed

That is proven to mess with your REM cycle. Don’t look at any screens for an hour before bed.

Go to bed

Sleep at 10 PM every night for a week to establish a healthier sleeping pattern.

Stay in bed

Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Love yourself. 🙂

You deserve to.