Gina Vaynshteyn
February 06, 2015 11:38 am

Prepare to feel some feelings you guys, because this story has a pretty happy ending. 3-year-old Sophia Sandoval, who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (a very dangerous brain tumor located under the cerebellum —it has a 60% survival rate for people who are five and under), is finally through with her chemotherapy treatment. After an arduous eight months, Sophia is celebrating in the most perfect way possible: by dressing up as Wonder Woman and eating cake!

And we’re not the only ones who are so amazed with this little girl. Jessie Rees Foundation (a cancer charity) shared her photo on their Facebook page, and as a result, it got over 728,000 “likes.” Sophia’s mom told, “With all the positive comments, I think it’s helping us to be positive, and know that she’s going to be all right.”

Greatest and coolest of all? Wonder Woman herself (aka, Lynda Carter) applauded Sophia’s triumphs by giving her an awesome shout-out on her Facebook page.

So what’s next for Sophia? Well, in a few weeks, she has to go back and get an MRI taken to make sure the chemo has completely rid her body of cancer. According to, she’s still working on regaining her balance (this is one of the things that medulloblastoma affects), but she’s being a total champ and “back on her feet, playing with her siblings and exhibiting superhero-like strength.”

We wish you all the best things, Sophia!

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