Staying true to yourself and showing your individuality to the world can be a scary thing. But this 3-year-old girl taught us just how important that is, becoming our literal hero when she picked her own outfit for school picture day. And the results of her fashion choice are flawless.

As told by Buzzfeed, Kaylieann Steinbach really loves superheroes. Like, really loves them — if her endlessly growing collection of superhero-themed costumes is any indication. So when picture day rolled around at her local preschool, Kaylieann didn’t hesitate to pull out her favorite costume — Supergirl.

Kaylieann’s love for superheroes is supported by her family, particularly by her father, Austin, who shared the school photo on Facebook and Reddit.

Kaylieann, reports BuzzFeed, is “75 percent deaf” in both ears, and she uses sign language and hearing aids to communicate.

But hearing loss isn’t holding Kaylieann back from being her true self in the slightest — and differences shouldn’t stop you either.