Credit: Huffington Post

A little girl by the name of Scout Larson (aka, an adorable three-year-old), has set the internet abuzz with a series of photos that show her replicating strong female icons. Her mother, Ashley Larson, and Scout came up with the idea as a way of dealing with Scout’s grandmother’s cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ashley used the photo series as a way of teaching her daughter the simple truth: Women are fighters.

Scout emulated a woman who is the definition of courage, resilience, and power.

She also made our hearts melt in the process!

Scouts latest photo shoot replicates one of her real-life heroes and a woman who is dear to her heart – her grandmother, Nonnie. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2016 and undergone six rounds of chemo. Intense! After finally regaining some strength, Nonnie had to undergo yet another difficult procedure, a double mastectomy.

The photoshoots helped Ashley and Scout keep their minds busy during the difficult time.

As for Nonnie, she is cancer-free. According to Ashley, her hair is growing back. Her strength is returning. She has one last upcoming surgery, but they are facing it head-on as a family.

We are also digging this gorgeous replication. Another brilliant woman and role model.

We’re happy to hear the family is doing well. Scout, Nonnie and Ashley, you inspire us all. Fierce women unite!