Lindsey Sirera
March 08, 2017 6:18 am

If anyone can peek inside your dog’s mind, it’s going to be Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. After all, that’s why they call him the dog whisperer! The lovable dog behavior specialist and TV personality seems like a mind reader (and we’re not totally convinced he’s not). But in fact, he’s just ultra in tune with how and why pups behave the way they do. And using his razor sharp skills, he can pretty much explain exactly what’s going through your dog’s head at any given moment. Seems simple enough, right?

Based on Millan’s superpower dogs senses, these are just a few things your pup is actually thinking:

1Your dog’s puppy treat addiction is an ~illusion~

According to Millan, your dog’s ability to sit, stay, or roll over is not directly dependent on the treats, no matter what your pup might think.

“In developing countries, they can’t afford to buy cookies for the dog, but the dog still listens. It’s a first world problem!” he told Grazia Daily. Instead, he suggests using positive reinforcement using toys or a stick to teach certain behaviors. “You need to make it so the dog is loyal to you, not the cookie. Without the cookie, you’re done!”

2Yes, your dog does know when it’s time for a walk

Dogs are man (and woman’s) best friend. And like your BFF, they probably know you better than you know yourself.

“[Dogs] learn your pattern. They learn when you sleep, when you wake up, what days you’re more anxious. Even which days you get upset, lonely, because you’re a creature of pattern,” Millan explains.

3They know how you’re feeling. Always.

Sick, achy, moody, tired; whatever you’re feeling, they pick up on. “They know life,” Millan explains. “That’s sensitivity, that’s their abilities. They’re always connected to you inside.”

*Jury is still out on why dogs eat homework.