When I see my high school and college classmates ramble on Facebook and Twitter about the horror of turning 30, I almost lose it. Um, excuse me? When did turning 30 become such a terrible milestone?

I cannot understand what drives their fear of the future. I am looking forward to February 2017—the year I will celebrate 30 years of a complicated and remarkable life. My 20s have been a time of unnerving changes, career confusion, and several identity crises as I grew into womanhood and motherhood. Of course, I had some amazing moments during my 20s. I traveled across the U.S., met people from all around the world in college, found love, got married, and recently purchased my first home. But, generally speaking, my 20s have been insane.

Honestly, I consider myself pretty lucky to still be hanging around. Life is fleeting, so I am going to enjoy every year on Earth. And, as I approach a new decade, I have a few reasons why I am excited to mark that milestone.

1. I’ll have a better grasp on my career goals

I am a woman with a master plan. My goal is to become a full-time freelance writer and author by the time I am 30. I have been working a traditional job since I was 15 years old and my 20s have been spent hopping between various career paths. In the midst of my confusion, I felt like my destiny was to be a writer, but I decided to forgo the freelance route in the name of chasing success (aka money). Now, as I get closer to 30, my definition of success has completely changed. All I want is a writing career that allows me to have a flexible schedule and time to actually live my life. My 30s will be the decade where my career truly blossoms.

2. My relationships will be more meaningful

I am a married woman with two kids, so I don’t have time for nonsense. As I get older, I am continuing the process of weeding toxic folks out of my life. I no longer have space for unbalanced friendships, “frenemies,” and all the other crazy relationships that we deal with in our younger years. By the time I am in my 30s, I am determined to be surrounded by steadfast friends and family. I plan on strengthening the bond with my immediate family and enjoying my marriage as the years fly by. And, as I journey through my 30s, I will build a bond with my kids as I watch my two little girls become young adults.

3. I will feel hotter than ever

Long gone are the low self-esteem days of my teens and early 20s. Of course, I still have some negative thoughts like everyone else, but I generally feel good about myself. With my 30s approaching, I am starting to feel increasingly comfortable in my own skin. My constant comparisons to other women have diminished and I refuse to waste time picking my aesthetics apart. I wear what I want, say what I feel, and I can have a party without a crew. I am in tune with my desires and I am creating my own opportunities instead of waiting for them to come my way. Basically, as I settle into my 30s, I will continue to develop these traits and be an awesome woman.

So, I say bring it on, 30! I am ready for the positive changes, transitions, and trials that come with this next decade.

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