A very brave and wonderful pup lost one of his legs to cancer, but Twitter chimed in to remind him that three-legged dogs can live awesome and happy lives.

The tripod dog’s loving owner, Dylan Delia, shared post-surgery photos of his now-healthy dog.

According to Delia, the surgery to amputate one of the pup’s legs was life-saving and eradicated the cancer.

The photos showed the adorable dog both pre-and-post operation, and the dog’s happy smile proves that you don’t need all of your legs to live your best life. false

What’s more, owners of other tripod pets created a Twitter thread to show that the #doglife is indeed amazing, even on three legs.

We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying.


*weeps happily*


All of these dogs are very, very good and we wish them the happiest and longest lives.