It was reported this week that the search for Amelia Earhart’s lost aircraft will continue next summer. Amelia went missing on July 2, 1937 after radioing that her and her co-pilot were running low on gas over the Pacific. In honor of Amelia’s courage and belief in the advancement of women’s rights, we’ve created this week’s haiku using her own words and images from her book “Last Flight”. “Last Flight” was written mostly by Amelia herself before and during her journey, and then finished and published by her husband. It was intended to be called “World Flight”. You can learn more about the book here. Here’s to a lady we would have loved to spend an afternoon up in the air with: 1. “Because I want to” as near a complete reply as you’d understand. 2. Daylight comes at last. The stars fade. We are throttled down into darkness. 3. Crossing equator with little lamb clouds below and ahead dark ones.

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Featured Images via Alaina Buzas.