Lea Palmieri
June 08, 2014 11:41 am

With my 29th birthday looming, I’m simultaneously having a quiet freak out as well as reflecting on the past year, while at the same time trying to decide if I’m too old for birthday parties or if I should plan the most epic event with all my friends. Pretty common stuff, right? 28 felt like a big year in a lot of ways, so I decided to share 28 things that happened to me over the last 365 days and can only hope that I’m not alone.

1. I started to sweat under my glasses.

Is this a thing that happens to everyone? My everyday prescription glasses, my everyday prescription sunglasses, my “it’s a special day so I’m wearing contacts and regular sunglasses” sunglasses that are cheap ones from Target but still make me feel cool – I was sweating on my nose under all these glasses and throughout all the seasons. #Sexy

2. I tipped in a new direction on the work life balance.
Work’s cool and all but maybe there’s more to life? Who does staying at the office for a million hours really benefit? I’m not going to live on some commune where the currency is coconuts (although if that place exists, let me know, it could be a good backup plan) but I just realized maybe some of that hustle could be applied towards a personal life too.

3. I spent $600 on the way back from a trip to Chicago.
It was 16 degrees in January, but even 4 cancelled flights on 2 different airlines couldn’t freeze my heart which was warm and fuzzy from officiating my friends’ wedding! So, all very new things for me.

4. I loved my body.
Some days I felt good in my jeans (and genes) and totally accepted being the size I am or looking the way I do.

5. I hated my body.
…and some days I didn’t love it as much. On those days I probably wore leggings. Welcome to womanhood!

6. I fell in love with Leo.
I didn’t have my Leo moment when Titanic came out or even when Romeo and Juliet came out. But I had it a little bit when The Great Gatsby came out and a lot when Wolf of Wall Street did. The talent! The hotness!

7. I still didn’t learn my lesson about breaking in flats.
You always wear band-aids on the back of your heels the first time you wear a new pair of flats. Probably for like the first 3 times. Break those suckers in. And do it every time you wear those flats for the first time each season. Always. I did not. Blister City.

8. I ate Nutella out of the jar.
I knew I couldn’t be responsible with a jar of Nutella in my apartment, and that proved to be both true and yet so, so delicious.

9. I reconnected with someone great.
A sweet, sweet friend I lost touch with reached out, and over one (or two) glasses of wine we had a genuine reconnecting that I really value.

10. I exercised on vacation?!
This has been the year where I have run on a consistent basis, making exercise much more of a priority, and learning that I like/appreciate/need/hate running.

11. I was on the VMAs red carpet.
I worked the MTV VMAs red carpet! While it was annoying to watch huge stars walk down the carpet without stopping to chat with many reporters (me), 14-year-old Lea would still be impressed.

12. I bought a one-piece bathing suit.
And I feel sexier in it than I did in some bikinis! It’s basic, it’s black and it covers up my bits when I’m out in the sun.

13. My best friend got married.
My first time serving as a maid of honor and my first time realizing there’s more to both marriage and weddings than Katherine Heigl ever explained to me.

14. The weather stressed me out.
After the winter we had on the east coast? I am still skeptical that summer is actually approaching. I wouldn’t be surprised if it just dropped to single digits and started to blizzard again.

15. I turned my work email off on the weekends.
Thank you iPhone for this handy way to really separate yourself from work.

16. I found closure.
On experiences both romantic and otherwise. Real closure and not just the declaring “I’m SO over it” kind.

17. I defended Justin Bieber.
It wasn’t easy, and it was more recent than I care to admit. Yes I was/am a fan, and while he’s trying to figure himself out in a very public and sometimes dangerous way, I’m just trying to not judge.

18. I over-packed and under-packed.
I still haven’t figured out packing as I had a handful of cute outfits that never left my suitcase on one trip, and forgot several essentials on another. Do we ever learn the science of this?

19. I felt hungover from one drink.
Drinking is a way different game now. One that requires lots of water and sleep and still does a number on my body and my mood the next day. Oof.

20. I found the perfect dress.
Oh man, it was black and lacy and fit my body perfectly and made me feel great AND it was on sale. Super score.

21. I gave up pizza.
For Lent. I haven’t given anything up for those 40 days in quite a while and to make such a sacrifice was actually surprisingly easy. But I’m totally back to enjoying all the cheesy bites I can.

22. I didn’t form an opinion on Miley.
While literally everyone and their moms seemed to have an opinion on what she was doing, saying and wearing, the only thing I knew for sure was that I liked to sing those Bangerz in the shower.

23. I looked at the Pinterest wedding boards.
I love those things! No boyfriend, not even any text-flirting going on at the moment. But before bed at night when I’m winding down, I like to look at the dresses and the favor ideas. And also the animal Pinterest boards sometimes, because who can resist cuteness?

24. I realized I am not suited for an animal.
One night of dog sitting was a very eye-opening experience. I’m happy petting a dog and watching it run around for a few minutes, but anything more than that, that requires clean up especially, is just not for me. For now.

25. I’m obsessed with my first Bravo show.
My job requires me to be aware of what’s happening on almost every Bravo show but it wasn’t until this year that I really got hooked. I can appreciate a Tamra one-liner and a NeNe eye roll, but it’s the boys of Million Dollar Listing that have my heart and my TV during Saturday afternoon marathons.

26. I stayed in on New Year’s Eve.
It was the best! I cleaned, I watched TV and I had zero FOMO.

27. I still didn’t make time to watch The Wire.
Really gotta step my binge-watching up next year! House of Cards, Game of Thrones, I’m coming for you.

28. I saw Beyonce in concert.
Talk about a life-changing experience.

Has any of this stuff happened to you? Tell me in the comments below or on Twitter @LittleLeap.

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