Kathryn Lindsay
June 01, 2016 8:56 am
Comedy Central

Being in your 20s is like a brand new world, except you’re thrown headfirst into it without a hand to hold. Although your toddler years are a couple decades behind you, it still feels like you’re learning how to be a person all over again. You have to walk, talk, and feed yourself like an “adult” and yet you end up doing a lot of the same things you thought you had grown out of in preschool.

Here are 13 ways being in your 20s is kind of exactly like being a toddler:

1. You need frequent naps.

Remind me again why I hated nap time so much as a kid?

2. You spoil your dinner with sweets.

Warner Bros./ giphy.com

If I wasn’t supposed to eat peanut butter while I waited for my healthy lentil pilaf to cook, then crockpots shouldn’t take so long!

3. You cry in public.

Comedy Central/ giphy.com

Who among us hasn’t cried into a burger while walking down the street wondering what the meaning of life is? Right, guys?

4. You’re broke.

Comedy Central/ giphy.com

Turns out, nobody pays you for doing nothing.

5. Getting dressed up still feels like playing dress-up.

Who am I pretending to be today: confident businesswoman or someone who feels comfortable dancing at a club?

6. You believe in fairy tales.

Disney/ giphy.com

There’s gotta be an affordable one bedroom apartment with natural light and hardwood floors with a laundromat around the corner somewhere, right?

7. You don’t know what big words mean.

Deductable? Dependent? Premium? I’m getting into bed.

8. Your first instinct is to ask your mom.

Paramount Pictures/ giphy.com

She’ll know whether or not eating this eight-day-old piece of pizza will kill me.

9. You need someone to make you meals.

Hello, Seamless.

10. You always feel like the youngest in the room.

New Line Cinema/ giphy.com

It just kind of seems like everyone else has it all figured out.

11. You still sleep with your trusty stuffed animal.

If someone breaks into the apartment, this will protect me.

12. You can’t reach the things you want in the kitchen.

Why did I store the popcorn so high up?

13. You don’t really know how to do anything, but that’s totally okay.

Yup, being in your 20s is a rollercoaster, but you know you’ll figure it out eventually.