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Fact: One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to start working out more. (There’s a reason gym memberships are such a popular gift/purchase around the holidays.) Among the HG staff, many of us have resolved to “go outside more” and “actually use my sneakers.” However, it’s way easier to set your course toward a more active lifestyle when you have a soundtrack to score your own personal training montages.

In 2016, let’s spin with Beyoncé…


…body roll with Gwen…


…and shake things up with FKA twigs.


So this year, let’s all agree to bathe in a little more sunlight; stay hydrated and well-rested; and balance out those nights of wine, takeout, and Netflix with some running, jumping, lifting, stretching, pushing, pulling, and if all else fails, dancing. It’ll be easier than you think with these groovy workout jams:

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