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If you’re expecting a baby, one of the most challenging parts of preparing for parenthood can be finding the right name for your little one. Of course, every parent wants their kid to have a name that will fit them and one that is meaningful, and if you’re a fan of ancient Greece, you might turn to their gods and goddesses for a little inspiration. Even if you’re not necessarily a huge fan of Zeus, Greek mythology baby names a bad place to start looking. Most of the mythological names are unique, and definitely hold a lot of meaning in history and literature.

Whether you’re looking for a middle name, a name that guarantees your kid won’t get lost in the sea of Emmas and Olivias in kindergarten, or you just want something that isn’t quite as traditional as many baby names are, taking a page out of the Greeks’ book isn’t such a bad idea. Best of all? A lot of these aren’t just for toddlers; they’re suitable to follow your child into adulthood without a nickname and tons of explanation to everyone they meet in the future.

Here are some of the best baby names from Greek mythology, for boys and girls (and their meanings, via BabyCenter). Some seriously beautiful names are in here, so you never know — you might find your new front-runner on this list.

1. Ajax

Ajax was a hero in Greek mythology, and although it’s an unusual name, it has been rising in popularity over the last few years.

2. Paris

Although Paris was a man in mythology, this name could work for a boy or a girl — and he was a hero, too.

3. Adonis

Adonis was known for his good looks, so if you think your baby’s the best looking on the block (duh) this might be the perfect name.

4. Atlas

If you’re hoping your kid has a good sense of direction — or is powerful enough to hold up the sky — Atlas is a great pick.

5. Evander

Evander was one of the earliest founders of Rome…and he shares his name with a very prolific boxer.

6. Linus

More than the Charlie Brown character who was attached to his blanket, in Greek mythology, Linus was actually a great musician, and his name means “flaxen-haired.”

7. Perseus

Perseus was a Greek destroyer, which makes his name sound that much cooler.

8. Phoebe

Phoebe means “shining, brilliant,” so what could fit your baby girl more?

9. Selene

Selene was a goddess of the moon — and the name is a cute twist on the more common Selena.

10. Hera

As Zeus’s wife, Hera was a pretty important figure in Greek mythology — plus her name is beautiful.

11. Daphne

Daphne was the daughter of a Greek river god, so if you love the water, this might be the perfect tribute.

12. Calliope

More than just the name of a beloved Grey’s Anatomy character, Calliope was the Greek muse of epic poetry. Sounds perfect for the baby of a writer, right?

13. Melaina

This name, which belonged to a nymph, is gorgeous, and has so many possibilities for cute nicknames.

14. Cassandra

This name has been around for a while, but it’s adorable — and even though she was cursed, her name would be beautiful for a baby.

15. Thalia

The goddess of festivity, Thalia is the perfect name for a baby with a fun spirit.

16. Artemis

She was the Greek goddess of hunting, wilderness, and animals.

17. Clio

The Greek muse of history — if this baby has parents who love history, what could be better?

18. Demetra

As the Greek goddess of the harvest, this is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

There are tons of other Greek names to choose from, so whether you’re paying tribute to mythology or your heritage, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little one. Good luck!