18 #BlackFriday tweets that are bringing joy to those of us hiding at home today

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By now we know that the only forces powerful enough to get people up and moving after Thanksgiving dinner are the killer sales and deals that Black Friday brings. Seriously, the Friday after Turkey Day is the most anticipated day of the year for many consumers across the country. Remember the part in Mean Girls when Cady has a bit of an African safari flashback mixed with the high school drama scene, as she imagined everyone acting like wild animals? Well, Black Friday is exactly like that, except, there are no wild animals — just really, really excited shoppers at your local mall. Everyone wants to get the best Black Friday deal possible on things they probably won’t use or need in two years because they’ll want something else – something newer and prettier. Don’t you just love consumerism?

Now, while there’s nothing funny about fist fights in department stores or yelling matches in parking lots, we are totally giggling at the hilarious #BlackFriday tweets currently going viral about this holiday, and the sheer insanity taking place across American malls.

From those who skipped the madness altogether by staying in bed (major life hack) to those who formulated brilliant theories about today’s significance — and we can’t forget the ones who got political — we’re loving all the #BlackFriday tweets out there.

Here are 18 of our favorites.

1Let’s take a moment to appreciate the brave employees…

2We could all use more parrots, right?

3So much truth here!

4If there is, someone point us in the right direction.

5A few helpful tips from Elle Woods.

6Another great question.

7Early bird gets the worm and beats all traffic?


9If you needed some Black Friday-inspired pick up lines for your next Tinder match.

10That feeling when victory is yours!

11This meme has it all figured out.

12Because sleep trumps sales?


14It’ll be all worth it in the end.

15Online deals are just as good.

16Select your payment method.

17Yet another Black Friday deal we’re very interested in.

18McDonald’s got a little confused, but they eventually got it together.

We hope you’re staying safe this Black Friday and that these tweets brought a little laughter into your day.

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