Olivia Harvey
February 16, 2018 12:51 pm
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

There’s truly no better way to show someone you care than to joke about how old they are on the internet. Yes, it sounds harsh, but good friends who can chide each other on their birthdays will last through the years. If the Golden Girls had internet, they would have written funny/snarky Instagram captions for birthdays, too, and you know it!

So when your BFF’s birthday rolls around, prepare yourself with an arsenal of funny captions to litter their Instagram with. Perhaps you can even prepare an Instagram Story ahead of time, pairing each photo with a quippy little quote. The world of Instagram is your oyster.

Of course, as fun as it is to dish on each other, it’s always a good idea to kindly show how much a friend means to you. Writing them a heartfelt card or letter alongside your funny Insta caption is a nice bit of sweetness to go with the salt. We’ve also collected several not-so-sassy captions that might be a better fit for a more mellow friend.

Scroll through and give yourself a good chuckle. Giving the gift of laughter on a birthday might be up there with a gift card to Target and a bottle of nice Pinot. (But you should probably get those, too — just in case.)

1*Turns green, sips tea*

2What was it like before electricity was invented?

3And what a journey it was.

4It’s taken me a while to get over this but,

5Idk why you think you’re so special.

6When you think about it, all of us are star athletes.

7What’s your sell-by date?

8And now some advice about aging brought to you by Michael Scott:

9Bring on the shenanigans.

10I don’t really know what else you could possibly want.

11RIP Ned Stark, the OG shocking death.

12You haven’t a wrinkle on you!

13To my role model:

14What are thoooooooose!

15In the words of Donald Trump:

16And that’s honestly saying a lot.

17Let’s skip the formalities.

‘Gram on, birthday people. ‘Gram on.