Briana Hansen
Updated Apr 03, 2017 @ 12:58 pm
dogs laughing
Credit: Shutterstock

What happens when you combine two things you love? Well, if those two things are delightful puns and adorable animals, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up just a few of our favorite word plays that will hopefully make you giggle. Some of the jokes are more of a stretch than others. But whether you laugh or you groan, at least you’ll have something to think about other than, say, your taxes.

So here are a handful of entertaining animal puns.

Because who doesn’t love horsing around?

1We had to paws before realizing how many puns were in this one.

2This otter make you laugh.

3 Doggone funny.

4Moose over other puns, this one’s a winner.

5Funnier than counting sheep.

6 This is whale-y delightful.

7We rodent see this coming.

8 Bambi-approved.

9 This is the Lion King of puns.

10 This bird was pigeonholed in the best way.

11 We want to see this elephant ride around on a surfboard (surfboard).

12 This is some fun fowl play.

13 This one ruffled our feathers.

14 A rare Dumbledorca sighting.

15Shirts just wanna have puns.

16 A whole flock of options.

17Just be careful who you make pun of.