15 words that will always be incredibly hard to spell

English is hard, guys. It’s often called one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn. Even if it’s your first language, English still likes to keep you on your toes. We’re talking about spelling, obvs. Because some words will always be super hard to spell, no matter what.

We know what you’re thinking…what about spell check? Spell check is our friend. Obviously. But it’s impossible to have access to it all the time. Sometimes you’re just on your own, like when filling out a job application or crushing your opponent in Words With Friends.

Also, sometimes spell check is just plain wrong. *gasp* For reals, though. True story.

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So for future reference, here are 15 words that you might want to brush up on. Because these are some of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language.

1. millennial

No one gets this right on the first try, whether they’re a proud part of the avocado toast generation or not.

2. misspell

Oh, the irony.

3. playwright

We’re still angry at whoever made up this word. It makes zero sense that a writer of plays would have a title spelled this way. None whatsoever.

4. weird

Weird flies in the face of that whole i before e except after c rule. This word just DGAF.

5. rhythm

That’s a lot of “h,” along with a startling lack of vowels. Just saying.

6. nauseous

Nauseous decided to use all the extra vowels that rhythm didn’t want.

7. daiquiri

It’s like a beach vacation in a glass, but it’s still impossible to spell.

8. conscience

Not to be confused with conscious, which is also challenging in its own right.

9. cemetery

We know. You want to stick an a in there really bad. Everyone does.

10. separate

Take note: The middle syllable contains an a, not an e.

11. queue

Sounds like “cue.” And for real, that’s how it’s spelled.

12. occasion

There aren’t as many letters as you would think there are, right?

13. diarrhea

Maybe we should just skip using this word altogether. Because, ew.

14. roommate

Why so many m‘s? Whyyyyy?

15. amateur

As in, you are no longer an amateur speller.

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You’re an expert. Gold stars for everyone!