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Updated Dec 31, 2016 @ 11:09 am
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As 2017 approaches, one thing has been on everyone’s mind. And that thing is resolutions. While we totally love having goals, it can be tough to make new years resolutions successful. Part of our problem is that we make resolutions that require us to dedicate TONS of time to a new activity or goal, when we already feel stretched thin as it is. That’s why we’ve created a list of totally simple new years resolutions that you can accomplish in just one day. That’s right, with just one small accomplishment on one day, you can take a huge step toward your larger goals.

1Do something tourist-y in your city that you’ve never done.

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We all love to travel, and being on vacation always feels amazing. We love exploring new cities and trying new things. Well you probably don’t need an expensive plane ticket to do that. Most of us live in or near a big city that tourists travel to every year. So go online or find a local travel book and pick one tourist-y thing that people love to do in your city. You’ll get a small taste of the exploration and excitement for way less cost and stress.

2Shop at the farmer’s market.

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We all want to strive to eat healthier and more sustainably, but we can’t deny the convenience that is our local grocery store. Instead of beating yourself up about how often you’re not shopping locally, just spend one day where you do. Visit a local farmer’s market, buy everything you need to make a tasty meal, and enjoy the fresh flavors. Know that you’ve done something good for yourself and the environment. Plus, once you get a feel for your local farmer’s market, you’ll likely be back.

3Update your resume.

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Whether you’re in the market for a new job or not, updating your resume is a great way to spend a few hours in your 2017. We definitely want you to be ready in case the perfect opportunity comes up, but there are other benefits as well. Going through your work history and verbalizing your accomplishments will help give you a more concrete picture of how awesome you are. And we think that’s a great way to start the new year.

4Go through your social media and delete extraneous friends.

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We love social media, but it can be draining. And we all have those friends or people we follow who post things that make us sigh or roll our eyes. As you start the new year, go through your friends list and remove anyone who makes you feel negative emotions or anyone you’re unlikely to ever interact with again. Just like your actual friend circles, your social media circles should be filled with people who make you feel positive and awesome. So at the start of 2017, it’s time to cut all the ones who don’t.

5Take your S.O. out on an adorable date night.

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After you’ve been with each other for a while, certain aspects in a relationship can come to feel stale. If one of your goals is to “spice things up” with your S.O., why not take them out on a special evening. Remember those incredible dates that lasted all day, because the two of you just kept wanting to spend time together. Plan an amazing day or evening together to show your S.O. how much he or she means to you. And we bet your relationship will feel totally revived.

6Volunteer somewhere, anywhere.

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If after the tough year that was 2016, you want to give back. So why not donate your time? When you volunteer, you get to personally see and feel the good that you’re doing. Gather a couple of friends together, pick an organization you feel passionate about, and go do it. You can find tons of places to volunteer at places like Volunteer Match or through your city’s website. Trust us, just one day of volunteering will make you feel so awesome.

7Pick an exercise class you’ve always wanted to try, and go.

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While we totally support resolutions like “work out 4 times per week,” those are the kinds of resolutions that we find really easy to give up on. Rather than focusing on the time and amount of your fitness regimen, why not focus on finding a workout you like. There are tons of different classes and styles, from Crossfit to Soul Cycle to yoga. Make a resolution to actually try a class you think that you’d like. Because something you enjoy will definitely be easier for you to stick to.

8When you pick up your usual coffee, leave a $10 tip.

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If you need a little positive boost in the new year, try doing something nice for someone. Pick one place where you feel like you’re a regular, and leave a bigger tip than you normally do. It could be $2 or $5 or $10, but just showing that bit of appreciation will brighten you day and theirs.

9Sort through your jeans, pants, etc. and get real about the ones that don’t fit or you never wear.


For most of us, sorting through our clothes can be a painful and daunting process. Going through your entire wardrobe could take days, so that’s why we offer this simple solution. Rather than tackling all your clothes, look just at jeans, pants, leggings, etc. Take a hard look at your closet and toss out those jeans that don’t fit anymore. We’re not saying they’d never fit again, but if you slim down, you’ll want to buy fabulous new ones anyway. Then get rid of all the pants that are out of style or worn out. You might feel like you’re being smart, saving pieces that might come back into style. But we find that the extra clutter just bums us out. Besides, most of your pieces can be donated, so it’s not like they’re going to waste. Once you’re through that pile, we bet there’s a little extra room in that clogged closet you have.

10Walk 12,000 steps.

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We believe that small fitness goals are the best. And one key to getting back in shape is to move more. If you have a fitness tracker or your phone, because most phones count steps today, try to take 12,000 steps one day. See how that feels to get a lot of movement in. Plus, walking gives you a new way to explore your city. If you walk places rather than drive, maybe you’ll stumble on a great new coffee shop you’ve never tried before. Just make the commitment for one day, and we bet you’ll feel good enough to keep that going.

11Do something that scares you.

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Don’t worry, we’re not talking about things that make you so terrified that you can’t breathe. But we all have something that we’d love to try, but didn’t, because we were scared. So in 2017, try an art class, or go to an improv workshop, or learn a sport you’ve always wanted to try. Facing small (not dangerous) fears that you have will make you feel empowered. And hey, maybe you’ll find something new that you love.

12Declutter your scariest drawer.

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That’s right, you don’t have to declutter all your drawers and closets, just the scariest one. If there’s THAT drawer that you never want to look at until you need batteries, then that’s a perfect project for one afternoon in 2017. Get in there, buy some drawer organizers, and get that thing sorted. You’ll feel so much better, and it may inspire you to declutter other areas of your house.

13Spend *at least* 3 hours in nature.

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If it’s not your normal weekend activity, try to get away from things for an afternoon. Whether it’s a hike to the mountains, fishing on a lake, or relaxing on the beach, find time to spend outdoors. Because being out in the wild is a great way to center yourself and relax from the stresses of modern life. Plus, if you add in a walk or a hike, you’re also tackling some fitness goals while you’re at it!

14Strike up a conversation with a stranger.

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If you feel a little disconnected after 2016 and would like to find more simple ways to get connected, then put yourself out there. When you’re in the right situation, try to strike up a conversation with a stranger. It doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to end with best friendship, but just getting yourself to chat with someone can help build social skills and make you feel more connected.

15Throw a potluck dinner party.

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If in 2017 you’d like to be healthier and save some money, then tons of experts will say that one of the best things for both of those goals is cooking at home. But dinner out with friends is one of your favorite ways to spend quality time. There’s just something about food that brings people together. So why not throw a potluck party, where everyone brings a dish. That way you can take steps toward being healthier, saving money, and relishing friendships all in one evening!

These resolutions are so quick and simple, you can even tackle more than one!

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So let’s focus on simple, attainable resolutions to make 2017 a year worth celebrating!