Karen Fratti
October 17, 2017 6:54 pm

Fact: Everyone needs a good cry sometimes. But sometimes your lips start to quiver and the tears start coming way before you can run someplace private, and you end up just having to show off your ugly cry face in public.  Public crying is so common, so you should never feel like a wimp for doing it. If people are looking at you, it’s probably just because they totally get it and want to give you a hug and a glass of wine. Seriously, we asked people to share the weirdest places that they’ve cried in public and it made us realize that we’ve really all done it before.

And hey, sometimes crying in public is actually preferable than a solo sob in your bedroom.

It can feel good to let it all out without shame. Sometimes not giving a f*ck about what people on the train think of you is empowering, or at least can make you realize that you need to wrap up the drama quickly because little children are staring at you and getting scared. Wherever it happens, crying can make you feel better, so if you have to let it out in public, so be it. Here are some of the most random places people have let the waterworks take over them.

1It’s OK to get weird.

2Always outside, right?

"The subway, but I don’t think that’s too weird. Everywhere in NYC, where I’ve lived for almost 20 years, is public so I’ve learned to make peace with having feelings wherever I am without shame."— Marisha

3Smartphone plans can break you.

4That seems legit.

"Almost cried at Wendy’s last night."— Laura

5That’s original.

"On an airplane, while watching Hellboy 2. I must have been feeling VERY emotionally vulnerable."— Jeremy

6Whatever you say.

7Babies are the worst.

"I can and will cry at anytime anywhere...no shame! I'm a sucker for kids bday parties." — Danielle

8No one even notices.

9This is a great idea.

"Weekly basis at my desk. I have a cry YouTube playlist I go to to clear the ducts." — Bronwyn

10You have to have goals.

11And not because it was awful?

"On a first date." — Zaina

12Breakups will do it.

13At least you were traveling?

"I've sobbed through a tiny local airport in Spain that closed for siesta." — Patrice

14How could you cry over beer and beef?

"[At a bar] in Philly during a beef and beer. Once I started I couldn't stop."

Crying in public is just part of this crazy game called life. Let it go whenever and wherever you feel like it.

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