Chelsea Duff
November 27, 2016 2:45 pm

Unicorns are absolutely magical, which is why we love everything about them.

Whether it’s a new unicorn highlighter or delicious unicorn chocolate, we love it all.

We even love celebrities dressed as unicorns, like Jenna Dewan Tatum did on Halloween.

Our newest unicorn obsession? Sweaters.

We can’t imagine a better way to show off our magic-girl-realness vibes than with these unicorn sweaters. And with the weather cooling down, there’s never been an easier time to rock them. Plus, they’re straight up just adorable.

There’s nothing more magical than these warm, winter wears — and we need every single one.

Like this slouchy cross stitch-print sweatshirt.

DentzDenim / Etsy

Etsy, $26.

Or this colorful, cozy pullover.

CustomMadeHeaven / Etsy

Etsy, $49.

This one is totally true (and totally us).

CottonClick / Etsy

Etsy, $25.

Check out this gorgeous sweater knitted just for you.

KnitWit4Ever / Etsy

Etsy, $80.

Pastel prettiness gets real here.

DaniLambDesigns / Etsy

Etsy, $48.

Holiday festivities are at their best in this.

OTZIShirts / Etsy

Etsy, $20.

This sweater says exactly what we’re thinking.

LetterClothingCo / Etsy

Etsy, $30.

Not a horse girl? Try this unique unicorn.

Dontfeedthebears / Etsy

Etsy, $37.

Mix up your style with a cardigan instead of a jumper.

BrunoAndBetty / Etsy

Etsy, $38.

Go vintage in this purple pullover.

WoodWell / Etsy

Etsy, $25.

Give tie-dye a try in this colorful cropped look.

AfroDizziYak / Etsy

Etsy, $27.

Take the minimalist approach with this geometric design.

AmericanJunkieSoc / Etsy

Etsy, $29.

And for a more classic vision, try this.

WorkoutShirts / Etsy

Etsy, $19.

Not feeling any of these? Etsy’s got about a thousand more, and each is just as awesome as the last. Check them out for yourself!