Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated September 08, 2016
Instagram / https://www.instagram.com/p/BKEGCn1gqfa/

This may come as a surprise, but we LOVE CATS around here. They are the perfect balance of good and evil in a single creature, and their dark side knows our ~edgy souls~ so well that we’re pretty much constantly #twinning. From the youngest of kitties to the ancient cats who seem to be filled with wisdom, we love ’em all. And what better way to show our kitties our ultimate and total devotion than to get a cat etched forever into our bodies? Plus, who doesn’t wanna befriend a gal with a cat tattoo?! We know we’d jump at the chance.

Here are our favorite cat tattoos:

1. This watercolor tattoo

Major, major heart eyes.

2. This sushi cat

Because we all love sushi, kittens included.

3. This geometric cat

Edgy AF. What’s cooler than a cat tattoo? Basically nothing.

4. This foot piece

A perfect accessory.

5. These fuzzy pals

So cute!

6. This thigh piece

What dreams are made of.

7. This colorful back piece

Because brighter is better.

8. This stretching kitty

Ugh, too much cute.

9. This soft outline

A nice and subtle tribute to our furriest friends.

10. This baby with a flower crown

What a trendy kitty!

11. This cuddly cat

Oh, our hearts.

12. This subtle piece

Literally so darn sweet.

13. This adorable duo

So quirky!