Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 21, 2016 @ 3:06 pm

The last thing we’d want is to forget to get a Christmas gift for mom, but here we are, just days from the big day, and WE FORGOT. Whether you too forgot to get mom a gift, or just decided that she probably deserves a little bit more, we’ve got you covered with the very best gifts for mom. These last-minute gifts for your mom will be so good she won’t even realize you were in a tizzy trying to find something that would arrive before the big day!

Because let’s be real: So many moms are stressed AF and never take the time they deserve to just be good to themselves. Plus, with the absurd number of times we’ve called our moms in a panic about everything from how to cook pretty much *everything* to how to do our laundry without shrinking our clothes, we owe her.

So what are some of our favorite last-minute gifts for your mom?

1For the mom with a sense of humor, this Bah! Humbug Cross Stitch Kit is just right ($9.50)

2For the mom who has a definite coffee obsession, this Coffee Pour Over Set is perfection ($40)

3The pun-loving mom will look KILLER in this “Are you kitten me right meow” tee ($22)

4The plant-obsessed mom will totally dig these adorable (and affordable!) planters ($5)

5This “home is where my mom is” mug is an ideal fit for a super close mother daughter duo ($26)

Credit: Etsy

6This seriously precious candle is the gratitude your mom deserves ($14)

7This set of natural bath bombs is for the mom who deserves to relax, finally ($28)

8If you mom is all about cooking, try this set of vintage cookbooks ($10)

9But if your mom prefers her food already made, these gluten free macarons are yummy as heck ($37)

10The stylish mom will look #flawless in these delicate gold triangle earrings ($35)

11The mama bear will probably cry over this hand-stamped necklace ($25)

12Or create a sampler of fancy AF sea salts for the chef mom in your life ($10)

13These hexagon marble coasters are an ah-mazing stocking stuffer for the mom who loves nothing more than hosting a classy party ($16)


We hope this list helps you out, and that our mom totally hearts whatever you get her!