This takes “something old” to a whole new level: Bethlehem, PA bride-to-be Abigail Kingston will be wearing a 120-year-old wedding dress to her wedding. That’s not all. It’s also a wedding dress that’s been passed down by ten different brides on her mother’s side of the family. It’s the most touching tradition, and Kingston is super excited about it.

Which makes sense, because it’s not just about the dress, but the meaning that comes with the tradition. Abigail’s mother puts it perfectly when she tells, “It’s not just the dress that’s been handed down. It’s the love.”

And there’s a whole lot of love there. The dress was first worn in 1895 by Mary Lowry Warren, Abigail’s great-great grandmother. The last time it was walked down the aisle was all the way back in 1991. By the time it got to Abigail, well…we’ve seen old clothes in museums — they can be in pretty rough shape. “Who would think anything would last that long?” Abigail’s mother commented. Abigail agreed. She almost wasn’t sure she’d be able to wear it. “I thought it’s just not possible,” she said.

But it was. While still maintaining the vintage and victorian aspects of the dress, the family has also made some alterations. The sleeves have been replaced and the holes meticulously patched up by designer Deborah LoPresti.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s good to go. It’s still a very old piece of memorabilia, so Abigail will only wear it during the reception and cocktails. Two dresses for the price of one? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

(Image via Twitter.)