Gina Vaynshteyn
July 11, 2014 6:00 am

Since it’s quite obvious the emojis we have been provided are NOT enough, three geniuses have come together to alleviate some of our needs, wants, and desires. No, they haven’t created the unicorn emoji, or the Beyoncé emoji, which is sad, but they have put together a collection of Seinfeld emojis! Yay!

Jason Richards, the mastermind behind Seinfeld Emoji, teamed up with designer Kevin McCauley, and Buzzfeed developer Shahruz Shaukat, to create the genius (and free!) iOs app.. Once Apple gives them the green light, you’ll be able to send your friends Jerry wearing Google Glasses, Junior Mints, Elaine, Babka and the puffy shirt, whenever the urge strikes. .

While this is incredibly exciting, I would just like to point out that there are other emoji-worthy sitcom people, places, and things we’d like to see. For example:

1. Parks & Recreation: Lil’ Sebastian

Lil’ Sebastian the miniature horse! We may still not quite understand Pawnee’s obsession with the aging (well, now dead) horse, but we sure adore their undying love and enthusiasm for his quaint, horsey ways.

Uses: When we’re feeling nostalgic for good ‘ole Sebastian. He was such a good little horse.

2. The Office: Stapler in Jell-O

The stapler in Jell-O was one of Jim’s very first pranks on Dwight that lead to eight years of glorious mischief.

Uses: Maybe when you’re feeling particularly irked by a co-worker and you wish to express your desire to mess with them.

3. The Simpsons: Duff beer

Duff’s beer is the most iconic fictional beer. It’s so iconic, that you can actually purchase the German pilsner online (when it’s in stock, that is).

Uses: When you want to go out drinking, but you wish they sold Duff because it always looked so refreshing and reasonably priced.

4. Friends: The giant couch

The dark orange couch that everyone on Friends hung out on while discussing important life matters at Central Perk is an important icon that symbolizes the necessity of large furniture to…uh…hold all your friends!

Uses: Use this in a group text when you want to invite all your friends over for a Netflix marathon.

5. 30 Rock: Meat Cat

The day Liz Lemon gives birth to Meat Cat is a day we will never forget.

Uses: Yeah, I don’t know. Just because you need something fabulous and bizarre in your life at the moment.

6. Bob’s Burgers: Louise’s pink bunny ears

Louise’s pink bunny ears are no regular bunny ears. They are ears that symbolize defiance, individuality, and attitude.

Uses: If you’re feeling particularly grumpy, just text this to your friends to let them know you’re NOT in the mood for any BS, because it will get UGLY.

7. I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegamin

Are you tired? Rundown? Listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle! When I was little, the 23% alcohol content thing totally went over my head, so I just figured Vitameatavegamin was making Lucy act funny. But no. She was just drunk.

Uses: When you’re taking shots of Ouzo or some other disgusting drink.

8. Arrested Development: Buster’s hook

Even though there are so many important objects in Arrested Development (i.e. the banana stand, Lucille’s prescription that’s winking at her, the van with stairs, etc), one of my favorite eras was when Buster’s hand was eaten by a loose seal. Buster’s replacement hand was a temporary hook, and it caused some major problems, and by problems I mean hilarious situations.

Uses: If you’re not feeling yourself, or you just spotted a huge zit on your nose and feel like A MONSTER!!

9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Frank

I think an emoji for Frank is important, because not many characters rival his greasiness and belligerence. Pretty much, Frank emanates everything gross and grimy. Not in a mean way, but c’mon. The man chooses to live with Charlie in a trash-cluttered yuck den.

Uses: You know when you somehow end up at a really icky dive bar? Or you haven’t cleaned your apartment in a week and it’s starting to get kinda nasty? Use Frank to embody all those unhappy, gross feelings.

10. Modern Family: Manny’s poncho

One of my favorite episodes of Modern Family featured Manny and his poncho, which expressed his Columbian culture. We all loved Manny for his courage and need to be different.

Uses: When you feel like wearing a rainbow polka-dot romper but you’re friends are all, “are you wearing that?” and you’re like, “WHY YES I AM” because no one is gonna stop you from rocking that outfit.

11. Family Guy: A tie between Brian holding his martini and Quahog oysters

This was tough. I also kind of want the cat launcher, but that’s hopefully non-applicable in most of our lives. Brian and his classy drink sum up this immortal, playwriting dog, but the Quahog oysters are truly the essence of Quahog, Rhode Island.

Uses: When you’re feeling an Iggy Azalea level of fancy! You’ve got your heels on, your bright red lipstick and you are just feeling SO on point!

12. New Girl: D-bag jar

Well, we can’t forget Shmidt’s douche-bag jar. For every douchey thing he says, a dollar goes in the jar!

Uses: When your friend says or does something questionable or un-cool!

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