Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Dec 21, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
Credit: Etsy

We are so, so grateful for our friends, and this holiday season, what better way to say, thanks for being a friend, than with the perfect BFF gift? We heart our friends so much, but sometimes we need some inspiration, and these best friend gift ideas will help you find an amazing gift for every member of your squad. These may be last-minute gifts for your BFF, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as heartwarming and thoughtful as something picked out months in advance!

So what are our favorite last-minute gifts for your BFF?

1For the long distance friend, this bracelet is a must ($22)

2This queer pride mug is filled with self love ($13)

3For your friend who’s obsessed with reproductive justice, this babe of a tote is perf ($16)

4This adorable canvas initial banner is so sweet, and custom! ($23)

5For your horoscope-obsessed pal, these ear cuffs are flawless ($7)

6This super cute Frida Kahlo is a practical planner clip ($3)

7This proudly feminist bumper sticker with an Audre Lorde quote is so elegant ($4)

8This Golden Girls mug is SO festive, and friendship-focused to boot ($13)

9And this amazing lapel pin is actual #friendshipgoals ($12)

10Your book-obsessed bestie will freak over this book cellar candle ($18)

11This gorgeous Angela Davis sticker makes us feel like we can do anything ($3)

12This tiny blessed temporary tattoo is perfect for your friend who tags everything #blessed ($3)

Credit: Etsy

We hope this helps you find the perfect last-minute gifts for your BFF!