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It’s the ~spookiest~ time of year! And we love how creative it allows us to be. One of the best parts is how many awesome solo Halloween costume ideas we can choose from. While we love a good group look, we love just owning our Halloween costume ideas, especially when they’re super clever costumes. So we were so thrilled when we came across these epic costume ideas. Like, seriously guys, we’ll be stealing these for the final days of Halloween!

1. This Carrie Bradshaw

2. This Princess Jasmine

3. This Lois

4. This beautiful skeleton

5. This epic take

6. This Avatar beauty

7. This Snapchat filter costume

8. This amazing Dwight

9. This stunning mermaid

10. This totally gorgeous costume

11. This North West

12. This Taylor Swift

Literally all of the heart eyes for these epic solo costumes.