If you’ve ever had a dog that you watched grow from a little hyperactive puppy to an elderly, sweet dog, you know that just like humans, dogs mature. They grow. They change. They become a little more, and then a lot more tired. Eventually, it takes a little more to get older dogs riled up and excited, and as the years go on, they chill out to the max. Sure, puppies are SUPER adorable and fun to play with, but an older dog? That’s the ultimate partner to relax with on the couch on a lazy day.

But that doesn’t mean that older dogs don’t get super pumped and excited about the little things in life. . . like walks. That’s what Imgur user DerpDerpinson showed us when he posted a video of his black lab that has gone viral since it was uploaded 14 hours ago. Captioned “I asked my 11-year-old dog if she wanted to go for a walk,” the video shows the dog looking very peaceful and maybe contemplating a nap — until suddenly, she looks at her owner, then leaps on him with excitement.

The video is just a few seconds long, but the look on her face says it all. You can practically see the moment when the word “walk” registered in her brain, and it’s ADORABLE:

Yep, the cutest. We hope this black lab gets to go on as many walks as she please, because just LOOK AT THAT FACE. In honor of DerpDerpinson’s lovely pooch, here are some more of our fave dogs who got way excited about walks. For example, take this adorable pup who doesn’t ever want his walks to end, like, EVER.

These dogs weren’t even excited about their own walk — they were pumped to see their new neighbor passing by!

And there’s Chewy, who is just *so* happy to be walking with the best of friends.

There’s this jack of all trades dog who wants to not only be walked, but walk all his friends. Dream big, dude.

And these dogs want a drive, and a walk in the park, and they’re NOT AFRAID TO ASK FOR IT.

But sometimes, dogs forget how to dog when they go on walks.

And sometimes, even the most excited of dogs can get a little pooped on their walk. We feel ya, pups.

SO MUCH CUTENESS. Thanks to all the dogs for just being the best ever, 100% of the time.

(Images via Imgur.)