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People who aren’t sensitive may never understand the habits of highly sensitive people — which doesn’t mean they’re insensitive, they just tend to not be as emotionally delicate. The same goes for sensitive people, who will probably never fully understand people who aren’t sensitive.

Sensitive people tend to feel their feelings deeply, overthink things, reflect on things more than everyone else, and they might prefer environments with minimal chaos. So when others around them do basically the opposite of that, well, it’s hard to get on the same page.

That’s okay, though. Not everyone needs to be on the same page to get along. But having an understanding of each other certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Which is why we’ve rounded up some of the things sensitive people might never understand about others (at least, from MY perspective!), but of course not all of these are true for everyone.

1 How anyone can watch a super sad movie without dying a little on the inside.

Watching movies like My Girl, Beaches or Still Alice and just like, being OK after, is not something a sensitive person could ever imagine.

2Why some people call others “sensitive” like it’s a bad quality.

Sensitive people aren’t choosing to be sensitive, they’re just biologically wired that way. But chances are they wouldn’t change that part of them even if they could.

3How anyone can make big life decisions quickly.

It often takes sensitive people longer to make big decisions, because they tend to overthink things. They weigh their emotions with logic, and those two things coupled together just take up more time.

4 Group workout classes.

Highly sensitive people tend to prefer working out alone, according to Ted Zeff, author of The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide. Zumba or barre classes leave too much room for judgement from others.

5 How anyone could hate yoga.

Not all sensitive people love Yoga, but many do gravitate towards spiritual exercises that involve being in tune with their bodies.

6 How anyone could lack empathy.

Because they are more in touch with their intuition and attention to details, empathy happens naturally for sensitive people. So when someone completely lacks that, it’s confusing for them.

7Wait, so people are just cool with change?

Both minor and major change can feel like being on an emotional rollercoaster. The kind the has really high drops, goes upside down and passes by fire, dragons maybe a few dying flowers.

8How extroverts can be extrovert-y ALL the time.

Like, don’t extroverts get tired from all the talking and being always “on?” Extroverts don’t require effort to be extroverts, just like introverts don’t require effort to be themselves, but that’s hard to understand when you live your life on the quieter side.

9Why people put up with drama-filled relationships.

It’s not that sensitive people don’t put up with drama, they just tend to run the other direction when there’s conflict. Not because they’re bad people who avoid communication, they just try to protect themselves from getting to emotional.

10 How some people just never seem sad.

Highly sensitive people are more prone to anxiety and depression, and sad feelings can pop up at any moment. When the rest of the world seems happy, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone in your sadness (but you’re absolutely not alone).

11The lack of passion from others.

Even though they might shy away from drama, that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly passionate about the things they love AND hate. Deeply feeling people feel their feelings intensely.