Credit: Ian Schneider/Unsplash

One of the most hated holidays is nigh — New Year’s Eve. It’s the kind of holiday that makes you feel like either everyone is having fun without you or you’re not cool if you’d rather hang back away from the noise. We happen to think staying home on New Year’s Eve is the possibly only sane choice for a whole host of reasons and we’re not ashamed to admit it. That’s right — this is for all of those struggling with the anxiety of “to go out or not to go out” blues. Here are all the way you shouldn’t stress about kicking it in you pjs (because, not getting all dressed up is really the best part).

1It’s way too cold outside

The last thing we want to do when it’s sub-zero temps is leave our house. It doesn’t matter if there’s food and/or alcohol, we’d really rather live in our pajamas where it’s nice and warm and we don’t have to brave Mother Nature. Who’s with us?

2Staying in is less expensive

Have you ever made reservations for a New Year’s Even dinner? Not only is it usually packed to the gills, because of the “holiday” some places jack up the prices for their “special.” We’re not a fan of paying $25 for a salad so really, can’t we just go grab a head of lettuce (leaving us $24 leftover!) and skip all this?

3Forget the heels and Spanx

Don’t even get us started on dressing up to go out. By the time we’re ready, we’re exhausted. Spanx and heels and winged eyeliner that’s never even on both eyes and not breathing and — NO THANK YOU, SIR!

5No awkward midnight kiss scenario

For those of us in relationships, our options for a midnight kiss have sort of been chosen ahead of time. Besides that, we’re usually asleep long before the ball drops because we’ve already been there, done that. We’re tired now! Even if you’re not an old curmudgeonly couple, being single on this night, and going out is a game. You have to be social enough to snag your midnight kiss and you’re on a timer that ends at midnight. It sounds fun until you’re living it. #nope

6Crowds are the actual worst

So many of us have major social anxiety that makes being in crowds feel like suffocation. Being pinned up against a whole bunch of people you don’t know is never that much fun, especially in a place that’s playing music so loud that you can’t hear anyone anyway.

7It’s legit not a big deal

New Year’s Eve is so overrated. It’s the kind of holiday where you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. How about we skip to 2017 and forget this year ever happened already (please)?

8You can avoid those dumb hats and noise makers

No, no, no. we don’t want to smash the hair we work so hard to situate just right with a pointed hat and we don’t like those noise makers that blow out into someone else’s personal space. We kinda don’t want any part of it so if you’ll please, just leave us here at home where we can sit and stare, happily.

9No champagne toasts equal no hangover

Of course, being home doesn’t mean no alcohol, but at least there’s no pressure to drink. If you choose to drink responsibly at home, you may have better control of your limit which means you won’t wake up hating life the next day like most people. Or at least, if you do, it doesn’t have to be because you drank too much at that party and are experiencing the dreaded walk of shame.

10Your social anxiety prefers Netflix to conversations

Again, when you have anxiety, being out in all the action can sound like a nightmare. We won’t feel guilty about our preference of staying in to watch Netflix in our jammies — it’s cozy and it makes us happier than doing all the other crap.

11There’s another one next year

Literally, this day comes every year and we’ve never had a time we wished we’d gone out instead of staying in — but we have had many when we wished we’d stayed home. Home is where it’s at. If you’re thinking of doing the same, rest assured, you aren’t alone. #solidarity