Karen Fratti
Updated October 24, 2017
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What makes a really good Halloween costume? For some, it’s all about commitment to the look. For others, it’s about cleverness. And for pop culture junkies like ourselves, some of the best costumes are timely. A pop culture moment costume can be tough to pull off, since the moment has to be well-known enough that everyone gets the joke, but not so well known that it feels uninspired.

Don’t worry, there are enough 2017 pop culture moments that everyone can get in on the fun. We’re betting that there will be tons of Wonder Woman’s this year (as there should be!) along with all the different variations of Taylor Swift from her “Look What You Made Me Do” video. Those are all good options and simple to put together, but if you want to make sure your costume stands out and isn’t repeated by someone else, you might want to pick from one of these other major moments.

1Beyoncé’s baby announcement

No one can replicate Queen Bey, but with a carefully selected outfit and a flower crown, you can totally recreate Beyoncé’s now iconic baby announcements from Instagram. If you’re not pregnant, you don’t have to pretend to be, instead try to copy Rumi and Sir’s birth announcement, since she had the same color scheme going on. You can cover up more in a dress, don a pink kimono or floral robe, and get crafty with the floral background.

2Any Riverdale character

We’re guessing that there are going to be a lot of Betty and Veronica’s this year, but if you get your whole squad together, you can recreate the whole gang. For a price, there are still a few Riverdale varsity jackets and cheerleader costumes on Amazon. Or you can easily DIY the look with clothes from your own closet and a trip to a secondhand store.

3Confused Michelle Obama


This look is almost too hilarious to pass up, especially since Michelle Obama has since explained her facial expression. All you need is a great red dress and a Tiffany’s box, which you can totally spray paint or make at home if you don’t just have one lying around like Blair Waldorf.

4Salt Bae

What would we have done without this man who became a meme? This is also a great last minute costume since you just need to pull your hair back, wear a white shirt, sunglasses, and maybe bring some salt with you! Bonus points if you add some glitter to it.

5A Handmaid

Yes, there will likely be a lot of women dressed up like the women from a Handmaid’s Tale, but you know what? This is a simple DIY costume and feminist AF. Rock it.

6Georgie from It

People will likely be going for Pennywise this year. Be unique and grab a yellow raincoat and a red balloon — and you’re Georgie in no time.

7J-Law in Mother

This might be even scarier than an It costumes! Wear a simple white dress and then DIY a fake heart and blood. A low ponytail will totally complete the comfortable and creepy costume.

8LGBTQ Babadook

Thanks to a Netflix genre snafu, this horror movie character was one of the most popular costume at LGBTQ Pride Parades this year. Cloak yourself in black and carry a Pride flag for this costume.

9“Roll Safe” meme

This might be the best meme ever, and like most meme costumes, you don’t have to do much. Rock a gold watch, a leather jacket, and make sure you make the face when people ask you who are.

10Prince George’s constant face-making

Dress in a posh school boys outfit and get ready to mug at the camera all night.

11Rihanna at the Met Gala

This will not be simple to recreate, but there’s still time! All you have to do is cut out like, a million red and pink petals and glue them to an old dress.. Please send pictures.