Sarah Terry
November 23, 2016 10:21 am
doggienanny /

Thanksgiving is here, which means turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and pie. And we’re not the only ones excited. In fact, Thanksgiving dinner can be dangerous for your dog, because they can’t resist all those delicious smells. However, Thanksgiving food is not terribly good for your pup, no matter how much they love it. But there are plenty of other ways that dogs can celebrate Turkey Day, and it’s SO adorable. We scoured Instagram for some precious pets that are ready for Thanksgiving, and we are swooning.

1. These little furry pilgrims were the stars of their own Thanksgiving photoshoot, and it’s perfection.

2. These guys have their fall hat game on point.

3. These angelic twins look like they’re ready to play in the leaves.

4. This sweet face is very excited about some Thanksgiving football.

5. This little adventurer is ready to set sail for the New World.

6. This pup is totally rocking his Thanksgiving bandana, and we love it.

7. Although, this guy looks a little less happy to be forced into festive clothes.

8. This turkey looks pretty cozy and ready for the crisp fall weather.

9. This pilgrim pup looks ready to help out with the Turkey Day meal.

10. This guy doesn’t want to let that turkey out of his sight.

11. And this poor doggie just looks a little too overwhelmed by all the holiday craziness.

These dogs are SO ready for the big meal this week.

We hope these pups have a happy and festive Thanksgiving.