The Dodo
September 23, 2014 11:36 am

This post was written by Audre Azuolas on The Dodo.

Often under-appreciated, donkeys may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you’re looking for non-stop cuteness. . . until now. Need something to brighten your day? There’s a donkey for that!

1. This baby donkey rocking an extra-fluffy hairdo.


2. This donkey who likes to cart around his feline friend.


3. This dashing donkey who found an extra comfy chin rest.


4. This bold burro with an itch to scratch.

(Facebook/Lavender Dreams Donkey Rescue)

5. This duo of Greek donkeys sharing a tender moment.

(Flickr/Klearchos Kapoutis)

6. This frisky foal caught in the act mid-frolic.

(Facebook/Muriel Burnadou)

7. This trusty trio proving that three really is company.


8. This marvelous jenny with ears like antennas.

(Flickr/Pete Markham)

9. These super-rare, super-shaggy Poitou donkeys with dreadlocks.

(Facebook/Fermeduchampduparc Asinerie de Ouismes)

10. This mother and foal who totally nailed the family portrait pose.

(Facebook/The Donkey Sanctuary)

11. And finally, to warm your heart, this formerly neglected donkey learning to love again.