Kenya Foy
April 03, 2017 3:47 pm
@adventuretimeoki /

Somewhere along the line, binge watching became a national pastime. For the most part, we have no shame in being extremely active participants, but we do feel kind of guilty about dogs getting in on the marathon TV watching habit. Pretty soon, we’ll see dogs barking about which hacks they use to fit their TV watching in every day.

We know, we know: This goes against everything science has to say about dogs watching TV and going completely bonkers in the process. But with the rise of high definition TVs, the canines of the world can better appreciate the images on the screen, and therefore become fully engulfed in whatever is happening on their favorite shows (because, trust us — dogs totally have favorite shows).

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While we’re feeling totally responsible for spreading the couch potato habit to an entirely different species, we can’t help but want to snuggle up with these pooches and go through our Netflix favorites list in one sitting.

These dogs are us when the show gets TOO good.

If binge-watching was an Olympic sport, this dog would win the gold.

We wouldn’t dare touch this doggie’s remote.

TFW you can’t blink or you’ll miss something crucial.

When the thirst for TV is too real.

This face of a dog that loves Friends.

This doggie’s side-eye says, “Watch TV instead of me.”

When you tune into a show you swore you hated.

When the new episode of Scandal takes an unexpected turn.

How we spend every weekend.

When Netflix asks “Are you still watching?”

OF COURSE WE ARE. And so are our dogs.