Briana Hansen
Updated Nov 24, 2016 @ 7:12 am
Credit: doggienanny/

In case you needed something else to be grateful for today, here’s just the thing. It’s always fun to dress up your dog for the holidays (even if your furry friend isn’t totally into it).

There’s no better way to celebrate spending time with those you love than by looking at these beloved pets and their totally perfect pilgrim outfits.

Here’s just a small sampling of pilgrim pups we hope you enjoy as much as the delicious food you’ll be sampling all day.

1. An oversized hat and matching shoes makes this dog the most on point pilgrim in all of the land.

2. Matching your dog is basically a dream come true.

3. At least one creature in this pic is excited about Thanksgiving.

4. We are obsessed with these totally coordinated looks and the matching turkey.

5. Even pilgrims sometimes need a pick-me-up.

6. This pilgrim dog knows how to use the light to get the best shot.

7. This cutie made a pilgrimage to Plymouth Rock to see where it all began.

8. And the award for the cutest Thanksgiving couple goes to…these two.

9. Not everyone is totally enthusiastic about Thanksgiving outfits.

10. Perfection.

11. The only way to make a dog pilgrim any cuter is to have them dance around adorably.

And, as a little Thanksgiving bonus to add to your gratitude list, here’s a pilgrim squirrel.

We hope you have the most heartwarming Thanksgiving ever!