Mary Cotter recently celebrated her 103rd birthday, and she celebrated it quite fittingly, indeed. In fact, she didn’t wait until Halloween to dress up — she wore her Wonder Woman outfit, a gift from her friends, who say she is a real-life Wonder Woman. And we totally can see that, because Mary didn’t lay back and relax to celebrate her birthday — she volunteered, like she has for the past 25 years.

Mary is a volunteer server at Montclair Senior Center, where she provides tea, coffee, and water. “They call me the barmaid because I’m serving drinks,” she told KABC-TV.

Mary is a centenarian, but she isn’t letting her age slow her down. Not only does she volunteer at the center five days a week no matter the weather, but she lives alone and drives herself anywhere she needs to go. And she believes the reason she’s lived such a long, healthy life is because of exactly what she’s been doing: “Just keep busy I guess,” she told KABC-TV.

This isn’t anything shocking for Mary, who has been chock-full of energy since she was young. She helped her high school win the state swim championships, and in her 60s, she taught kids how to swim. In her 90s, she helped rescue sea turtles. It’s just another day in the life for this IRL Wonder Woman. “I don’t know, just another day went by,” she told KABC-TV.

Mary may have thought it would be just another day volunteering, but her friends at the center were ready with a wonderful cake that Mary cut herself decked out in her Wonder Woman costume. After all, they appreciate their very own superhero in their midst. “I love this lady,” her colleague, Lupe Navarrete, commented on the ABC News channel’s Facebook page. “I work with Mary at the volunteer center. She has more energy than most of us younger folks!! Always smiling and hugs us when we walk in! Super woman she is!! Happy 103 Birthday Mary Cotter, love your friend.”

Watch the video below to see Mary in action. Happy birthday, Mary! You are truly our IRL hero.

(Image via Twitter.)