Natasha, a Domino’s pizza driver, thought she was just delivering a regular pizza to a church in Pickerington, Ohio on October 4th. When she arrived, however, she was pulled up on stage in front of the congregation to personally speak to Rev. Steve Markle, the lead pastor at Sycamore Creek Church. While on stage, CBS News reports, Markle asked Natasha what was the biggest tip she had ever received. She answered, but had no idea what was about to happen.

“About ten dollars,” she told him. So Markle handed her fifteen dollars, but the generosity didn’t stop there. He explained:

Just how special was this tip? Oh, about $1,000. Actually, it was $1,046, to be exact. Natasha was immediately brought to tears before hugging the pastor and thanking the community.

“I hope that this can help you,” Markle continued. “I don’t know what’s going on in your life.” Natasha confessed that it would help a lot.

This gesture was carried out by the congregation as part of their sermon series, “I was Broke. Now I’m Not.” This also tied in with a larger monthly mission: “Random Acts of Kindness.”

This kind of generosity has become a trend in recent months, with servers and drivers alike receiving tips that could really make a difference in their lives. Back in May, a restaurant patron tipped two-thousand dollars on a ninety-three dollar bill. And the month before that, a student tipped three-thousand dollars to help out a former teacher.

Thankfully, this most recent act was caught on video. Try to hold back happy-tears as you watch an unsuspecting driver’s dreams come true!

(Images via YouTube)