Bridey Heing
Updated Aug 06, 2015 @ 8:38 am

With the wealth of retrospective takes on the evolution of fashion and beauty, there’s been a dearth of dapper dudes. Most of the videos (like the ones from Cut) focus on women, and while we love ’em, we wouldn’t mind seeing how man-friendly looks have changed over the years, too. Thankfully, Mode has us covered. And they are bringing their A-game, with bathing suit styles from the past century.

We’re talking full-body suits . . .

Mod magnificence . . .

And the trunks you’re used to seeing beach-side . . .

Depending on who might be looking over your shoulder, some of the zoom-ins are a bit Magic Mike, so use caution when clicking play. But as we roll into August, who doesn’t love some bathing suit appreciation? Also, what was wrong with us in 1995? That’s like the worst year of the bunch!

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(Images via Youtube)