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It’s Friday, so that means you are eagerly watching the clock, waiting for the minutes to tick down before it’s time to go home. It’s been a long week, and you’ve totally earned your two days off before it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Well prepare to feel like a total underachiever when you hear about Felimina Rotundo. Felimina works six days a week at a local laundromat, and she also just happens to be 100 years old.

Yes, there’s a 100-year old woman out there working way harder than any of us. Felimina, or Minnie, is the true definition of a #BossLady.

Minnie was born in 1915, and grew up during The Great Depression. As she explained to Buffalo’s WGRZ, when she was younger, “things were really bad and you had to go to work at 15, and it does something to you. It makes you grow up faster.” Minnie started working some 80 years ago, and never stopped. At present she works six days a week, from 7am to 6pm. An 11-hour day at 100 years old!

That may sound like a ton, but Minnie absolutely loves it. She loves getting up and being active. “I talk to people all day, I do a few [clothing] bundles. And [what helps is] being out, getting up in the morning, and saying I have to go to work. It does something for you.”

What it’s done for Minnie is great. She continues to work at Buffalo’s College Laundry Shoppe, and sees herself doing so until she can’t walk anymore. For her, she’s taking everything one day at a time, because who knows what tomorrow might bring. And no, she has no plans to retire anytime soon.

If you’re impressed by her work ethic, try talking to one of her family members about her continued dedication — her children can’t slack off whatsoever.

“I’m 74 and I still can’t retire ’cause she’s still working!” Minnie’s son, Gary Rotundo told ABC News. “But honestly, she’s pretty amazing. She’s sharper than me, no question about it . . . She attributes her longevity to her hardworking nature. She says it gives her a purpose, a reason to always wake up in the morning and a reason to always hustle.”

While we’re tired just thinking about working six 11-hour days, we love that it’s what keeps Minnie going. Hats off to you Minnie! Keep doing what you love.

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[Image via WGRZ/NBC Screengrab]