Briana Hansen
Updated May 07, 2016

It turns out, not all magic and generosity comes in the form of a fairy godmother anymore.

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Sometimes, it comes from an anonymous family who just wants to do some good for another human being. At least that’s what Ashleigh West, a waitress and mother in North Carolina, encountered this last weekend according to a local news source.

Ashleigh is a hard-working mother who was called into work on a day she usually has off to help out with a busy Cinco de Mayo crowd. She started chatting with one of her tables and brought up the fact that she had a toddler without thinking much of it. The family was apparently touched by her story (and by Ashleigh herself) and decided to be extra generous when tipping her on this particularly busy day. And when we say generous, we don’t mean just rounding up the change after tipping 20%. We mean 100% generous.

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Ashleigh was shocked at the number and said she had to check it a few times before she believed it. Apparently, the family had already left before she saw it, so she wasn’t able to thank them in person. But it’s obvious from her sweet post that she was extremely touched by their unforgettable generosity. The family wishes to remain anonymous, claiming simply that, “we’ve been blessed and we wanted to be a blessing.” Which, while we can’t prove it, certainly sounds like some suspiciously magical kindness if you ask us.

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