When we say that dress codes prioritize how girls look over their education, this is the kind of thing we’re talking about. On Friday, over 100 female students at the Tring School in Hertfordshire, England missed out on their first day of school because their outfits were deemed inappropriate.

Specifically, it was their skirts. According to Tring, the dress code states that their skirts must be “black, knee length and be of a pleated design.” If this was not the case, the offending girls were sent home.

But parents aren’t buying it. One parent told ITV that her daughter was wearing the exact same skirt she had worn to school many times last year. This was Lisa Thompson, who ended up venting her frustrations with the policy over on Facebook:

Tring, however, insists that they’re just following procedure. Sue Collins, the head teacher, told the BBC her side of the story:

The odd thing is, this dress code was more disruptive of the students’ education than their skirts ever would have been. If the school is willing to send home over 100 girls and deprive them of a day of school (considering it might not be possible for parents who work to go and buy the appropriate uniform in the middle of the day), then what is their real goal? Who benefitted from this?

Hopefully, the worst is over, and all those involved will be able to find a compromise that allows girls to get their education in an outfit that fits the guidelines. As long as learning is the top priority.

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