Eliza Gold
April 10, 2016 1:01 pm

Ashton Dunford is now a local hero. Late Saturday night, Dunford was outside Good Place Farms Bed and Breakfast in Lexington, Colorado when he noticed flames. The 10-year-old boy immediately knew what to do, springing into action to alert people to the fire.

“He saw outside of the residence the fire starting and went into the building screaming for the people to get out,” the B&B’s owner Justin Peery told WSLS 10.

The B&B was set in a restored, all-wood barn originally built in the 1800s. Sadly, it’s historic infrastructure made it susceptible to fires, and it didn’t fare well during last night’s blaze. Emergency Management Coordinator Robert Foresman told WSLS 10 it took 50-75 firefighters over an hour to contain and extinguish the fire.

Dunford was at the B&B, along with about 40 other guests for a wedding. Tragically, all decorations, dresses, tuxedos and flowers were destroyed in the fire.

“Nobody died, praise the lord. That’s what is important,” the groom’s mother Vaveca Moss told WSLS 10 said. “We are just overwhelmed with the comforting words and kind actions from the community. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw last night.”

Moss says she is asking for donations to help make the wedding happen, which was originally scheduled to take place mere hours after the fire. And to complicate matters even more, a portion of the wedding guests were international travelers. But after last night’s fire, the travelers are now without their passports. Peery and Moss are working to accommodate all the guests and restore the wedding plans.

It’s a wedding disaster with a happy ending waiting to happen. But for now, everyone can thank Ashton Dunford, 10-year-old hero who forever has a remarkable wedding story to tell.