Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Sep 22, 2016 @ 9:57 am
school hallway
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Another school year, and yet another young girl shamed for literally nothing more than the fact that she has a body. From blatantly body shaming dress codes to embarrassing punishments for “dress code violators” to schools penalizing dozens of girls, and zero boys, for wearing less, but still appropriate, clothing during a HEAT WAVE, there’s seemingly no end in sight to girls punished because of strict dress code policies. Raw Story just reported on a 10-year-old shamed for wearing a tank top, and our feminist hearts are on fire.

First things first: This is a 10-year-old, right? Haven’t we already decided as a society that there is nothing sexual about a child’s body? And yet we have school officials, once again, perpetuating the idea that girls bodies (apparently, no matter how young they are), are inherently sexual, and must be hidden. OH THE RAGE.

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So here’s what happened.

Alicia Rogers 10-year-old daughter, who attends an elementary school in South Carolina, wore a tank top to school. The mom wasn’t notified when her daughter got in trouble for a dress code violation; instead, she picked her little one up from school to find her crying, and that’s when she found out what happened.

Her daughter was forced to wear a jacket during recess despite the heat.

She’s focusing on making sure her daughter learns to stick up for herself.

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On the bright side, girls are *so* over being shamed by schools. Many girls at schools across the country have stood up for themselves and said, you know, this is sexist. And we’re so freakin’ proud of these little ladies!