It’s a big weekend, you guys. Coachella is here, and just as 10,000 people must have been trying to upload a blurry picture of Outkast to Instagram earlier today, the social networking site went down. Zut alors! Luckily things seem to be back in business, but in case the influx of Mayfair-filtered shots down you feed gets interrupted again, here’s 10 things you could do while you wait for life (read: Instagram) to resume.

1. Go on Twitter and complain that Instagram is down.

Seriously, this is a thing a LOT of people did today without shame. If you can’t get on your social network of choice, why not get on one that’s sorta okay to whine about it? Besides, maybe if you @Instagram enough times, they’ll hurry up and get their technicians to fix it. They probably just weren’t aware that the service was down – it’s your job to tell them!

2. Half-heartedly scroll down your Facebook feed.

Sure, it’s all pictures of babies and long-winded statuses from your high school classmates, but it’s always nice to be in the know, right? Besides, one of them sent you 90 free lives on Candy Crush Saga since the last time you played 11 months ago, so you can always go back to that to keep busy.

3. Reblog weird stuff on Tumblr.

If you can’t upload your own pictures, why not re-post someone else’s without proper credits? Besides, there’s really no competing with this picture of Susan Sarandon with a llama.

4. Read the news. The actual news.

It may be cool to look at pictures of puppies or what Vanessa Hudgens is wearing to Coachella this year, but when’s the last time you caught up on REAL news? What’s happening in the world outside your phone? You know, the one you’re ignoring while you’re on Instagram in the first place? Catch up on the stuff that matters.

5. Go out to eat.

There’s never a bad time to go out to eat, but this is an especially good one. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy – you could even just grab a BEC (that’s a bacon, egg and cheese, for the uninitiated) from your local bodega if that’s your style. Snacks salve all wounds. Instagram being down will hurt a lot less if you’re eating something delicious.

6. Read a book.

Oh man, when’s the last time you sat down and read an entire novel? I used to go through two or three books per week, and now I’m lucky if I get through that many in a year. While we’re all busy with work, kids, friends, etc, it’s really nice to pick up a book (or a Kindle, if that’s your style) and get lost in a wonderful world that’s completely new and can even be Kelvin-ized… in your imagination!

7. Call your BFF for a catch-up.

Sorry, but liking each other’s Instagram pics doesn’t count as communication. Remember when you were in middle school and your parents would get all lecture-y, like, “If you spent half as much time on homework as you do with that phone attached to your ear, you’d be a genius!!” and you’d roll your eyes and keep talking? No, just me? Well, whatever. Call your friends and have a chat like old times. It’ll be awesome!

8. Netflix something!

If you’re absolutely intent on remaining supine for the remainder of your Saturday – and hey, I don’t blame you! – then hit up Netflix to watch a show you’ve had queued up for the last FOREVER and get watching. I just got to the end of season three of Breaking Bad (because yes, I am that behind in life) and I’m lovin’ it!

9. Buy yourself something nice.

I shouldn’t even be advocating this as Lord knows that the Sephora VIB sale that’s been going on the past two weeks has drained me DRY, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself. You work hard! Also, your purchases will make great Instagram pictures when the site comes back up!

10. Go outside and play!

The weather is good across most of the country. Here in New York City, it feels positively balmy at near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The birds are singing, people are inappropriately wearing flip flops way, way too early and the SUN is out. You know, that big, hot ball of light in the sky that puts a bit of color in your skin and can even boost your mood? It’s calling your name!