Jennifer Still
March 20, 2014 8:03 am

It’s International Day of Happiness, and while most of our lives are filled with plenty of things to moan and complain about, there’s nothing quite like getting a bit giddy about the good stuff in life, right? Here are 12 things to put some pep in your step on this fine Thursday and help you get HAPPY! 🙂

It’s the first day of spring!

That’s right, the interminable winter that has been suffocating most of the country is officially OVER. Time to look forward to flowers and singing birds and sunshine and not having to wear a two sweaters, a coat, three pairs of gloves and a scarf just to walk down the street! Hallelujah!

It’s almost the weekend!

Seriously, tomorrow is Friday and that means just ONE MORE DAY of work to get through before you can chillax. Definitely worth being happy about, right?

Girl Scout Cookies are on sale!

Uh, if you haven’t loaded up on Thin Mints and Samoas just yet, I’d suggest you go locate your nearest Girl Scout troop and hand over every penny you own for as many boxes as you can carry. It’s one of the most magical (and delicious) times of year!

Game of Thrones is coming back in less than three weeks!

Oh man, season four is going to be INTENSE. What’s going to happen? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. Don’t tell us if you’ve read any spoilers.

Puppies? Puppies! (And really all baby animals…)

AHHHH! How can you not love them?!

Someone invented pizza!

Seriously, do you ever sit and think about this? There was a time when pizza didn’t exist, and then the idea popped into some genius’ head and now it does exist and it is glorious.

This song – duh!

Enough said.

You’re alive and well!

There’s nothing more important in life than your health, so we should all be happy that we were lucky enough to wake up this morning and see another day. It’s totally a gift!

Summer is only 92 days away!

Get ready for some campfires, days at the beach and scorching temperatures, because in three months, summer will be here in all its glory. YES!

What makes you happy? Let us know in the comments and share in the good spirits!

 Featured image via ShutterStock